Priest Meal Ministry

A meal schedule has been created using, and you've been invited to participate!

Meals are needed for: Fr's Parker/Twenty

If you would like to sign up, you can access the meal schedule by clicking here, or by visiting and locating the schedule by recipient last name (Parker/Twenty) and password (2300).

I have included additional notes about this meal schedule below. If you have any questions, please let me know!
Maggie Mastenbrook
Additional Notes:

  • Two priests
  • Drop off time is 5:45-6:00.
  • Ring doorbell to drop off, if no one answers and the garage is open, put on the kitchen counter. Otherwise, leave on front porch. They will return shortly.
  • If you need to drop off earlier, please call the office and let them know. They will either have you drop it off in the office or give you instructions where to leave it. 630-879-4750
  • Please use disposable containers. 
  • The priests understand busy schedules, so if you need to have something delivered, they are fine with that.
  • If for any reason, you can not get the meal there, please call the office, so they will know to make other plans.

Thank you all so much, this is so much appreciated by our very busy priests.

Religious Education Registration 2016-2017

Holy Cross Religious Education serves youth from preschool age 4 through grade 8 and their families.  If you are interested in registering your child(ren) in our religious education program, please click the link below, print the registration form and submit the completed form at our parish office.  If you cannot open the link, you can pick up a registration form at the parish office or in the narthex of the church building.

For more information, please see the link below entitled NEWSLETTER.

Please note that families registering in our religious education program should also be registered in the parish.

2016-17 RE Registration

Newsletter 2016-2017

Parish Registration Form

Important information re: sacraments:  Baptism is the first sacrament we receive as Catholics.  Children in second grade celebrate First Reconciliation and Holy CommunionYouth in eighth grade receive Confirmation.  If you have a child who has not received Baptism, Reconciliation, Communion, or Confirmation and is beyond the grade level indicated for reception of any of these sacraments, please note the following:  You must register with our parish and complete a religious education registration form.  If your child is not baptized, you are to submit a BIRTH CERTIFICATE for him/her. Your child will be placed in their current grade for religious education and minimally 2 years of religious education is required for reception of First Holy Communion and for Confirmation. Baptism will be administered at the Pastor’s discretion. 

2016 Parish Video

Here is an awesome video from our parish Gala, put together by one of our teens, Christian Surtz.  Enjoy!