"Jesus said to His disciples, "Whoever wishes to come after Me must deny himself, take up his cross, and follow Me."

(Matthew 16:24)

Office Hours

School year office hours:

  • 8:30AM-3:30PM

School Phone:

  • 630-593-5290
  • 630-593-5289 (fax)

Parish Office Hours:

  • 8:30AM-4:30PM
  • (Closed Noon-1PM for lunch)

Parish Phone:

  • 630-879-4750

Mission Statement

Holy Cross Catholic School is a Christ-centered Parish ministry dedicated to providing an extraordinary Catholic faith foundation with standards of academic excellence in a loving, hospitable environment.

Related Parish News

ADORATION CHAPEL:  Please consider praying just an hour each week with Our Lord in our parish Adoration Chapel.  Christ is waiting there to provide you peace, help in daily life and companionship.  Contact Pat Roatch in our parish office at 630-879-4750 x 110 for more information or to be placed on our sub list.    

KIDS CURE CANCER T-SHIRTS order form here.

TOTUS TUUS ITEMS order form here. 

1. Participants of the Crusader Cash Program must establish an individual account at
www.shopwithscrip.com. Follow the directions to “Create Account.” You will be asked to
enter our enrollment code: 28633B212167L. (Participants from prior years can use their
existing account.) 
2. You may pay for your purchases by check (payable to Holy Cross HSA), or by Presto
Pay (direct debit with a 15 cent charge added per order). Payments due by order
deadline of 9:30 a.m. on Tuesdays.
a. PAYMENT BY CHECK - Checks are deposited promptly. There will be a
$30.00 charge for checks returned (NSF).
b. PAYMENT BY PRESTO PAY - To set up Presto Pay (through the ACH
system), click on the Presto Pay button. You will be asked for the routing number
and bank account number for your checking account, then follow the instructions.
There is a 15 cent charge for each order placed. If you choose presto pay, your
account information will be verified through a series of two small deposits
(pennies) to your account. The initial verification process could take as long as
72 hours. (The first order may need to be paid for by check)
3. Orders will be accepted until 9:30 a.m. on scheduled Tuesdays. Any order
coming into school later or on another day will be held for the following scheduled order
date. Orders will be delivered on scheduled Thursdays through the participant’s
designated delivery option – backpack or office pickup. There may be RARE occasions
that our supplier, Great Lakes Scrip Center, cannot fill our order in a timely fashion. We
will contact you immediately with the explanation we have received. If this occurs, we
will make every attempt to get your gift certificates to you as soon as possible.
4. It is the participant’s responsibility to make sure the Crusader Cash envelope is given
to the teacher or placed in the designated box in the office. Envelopes that remain in the
backpack or cubby can not be processed.
5. It is the participant’s responsibility to verify order upon receipt of the Crusader Cash
envelope. Any discrepancies must be addressed within 24 hours.
6. We will only deliver Crusader Cash envelopes to individuals designated on the
participant’s registration form. Any changes must be requested in writing with the
participant’s signature.
7. Participants are responsible for noting restrictions and benefits pertaining to gift
certificates (for example, expiration dates, ability to use for online purchases, payment
on store credit account, etc.). A complete listing of each vendor’s terms and conditions
of use can be found on our supplier’s website at www.glscrip.com.
8. You must sign a waiver to release Holy Cross School, its employees and volunteers
from any lost or stolen gift certificates. Once the gift certificates are delivered to you or
your child, you will assume responsibility. Please consider the age, maturity and how
the child gets home in making your choice to participate in the Backpack Program.
Please note that certificates are cash equivalent and can not be replaced, traced,
or refunded if lost or stolen.
9. A participant’s earnings depend on the discounted rate associated with the gift card
purchased. Discounted rates from merchants range from 1.5% to 25%, but generally
average around 5%. HSA purchases gift cards at a discounted value (the difference
between for face value and discounted rate) and sells to participants at face value. The
participant will earn 90% of the discounted rate to designate toward their tuition
obligation, fundraising obligation, or the Guardian Angel Fund (tuition assistance). The
remaining 10% of the discounted rate goes to HSA to cover the costs of the program –
shipping, printing and supplies.
10. Participants must select an Earnings Distribution Method (EDM) on their
registration form. This designates where participant earnings will be credited:
- Tuition Obligation
- Fundraising Obligation
- Guardian Angel Fund (Tuition Assistance)
11. CREDIT SCHEDULE 2013 - 2014
Earnings Period Date                Credited to EDM
May 22 – December 1      →      January 1
December 2 – March 15      →      April 1
March 16 – May 20      →      May 31
12. If the participant’s EDM is Tuition Obligation, the participant’s earnings will be
credited toward the next month’s bill. Any earnings accrued as of May 20 will be
credited toward next year’s tuition if applicable. If no future tuition obligation exists,
earnings will be credited toward the Guardian Angel Fund.
13. If the participant’s EDM is Fundraising Obligation, the participant’s earnings will be
credited as outlined above. Any earnings accrued as of May 20 that exceed a
participant’s current Fundraising Obligation can not be credited toward next year’s
Fundraising Obligation.
14. If the participant’s EDM is Guardian Angel Fund, thank you for your generosity!!

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Events This Week


Monday-Friday, Apr 21-25: Spring Break


Upcoming Calendar Highlights

Please refer back to this calendar often as there may be updates throughout the year


Monday-Friday, Apr 21-25: Spring Break

Monday, Apr 28: Classes resume

Thursday, May 1: Overnight Retreat at Bishop Lane for 8th Grade

Friday, May 2: Overnight Retreat concludes for 8th Grade

Saturday, May 3: First Holy Communion

Teacher Appreciation Week May 5-9

Monday, May 5: May Crowning at 8AM All-School Mass

Wednesday, May 14: Volunteer Appreciation Mass/Reception

Monday, May 19: Class Trip 8th Grade

Wednesday, May 21: Preschool 4 Yr Old Graduation during class times

Thursday, May 22: 8th Grade Graduation Mass 6PM

Friday, May 23: Preschool End of Year Picnic;

Monday, May 26: NO SCHOOL Memorial Day

Tuesday, May 27: Field Day

Wednesday, May 28: 8AM Honors Mass

Thursday, May 29: Used Uniform Sale

Friday, May 30: Last Day of School; Dismissal 1PM

Monday-Wednesday, June 2-4: Emergency Snow Days




Virtue Spotlight

Each month, our school community features a different Virtue

that is spotlighted in our school and among our behaviors that continually bring joy to our Lord! 


August/Sept.:  Self-Discipline

October: Work

November: Perseverance

 December: Faith/Trust

 January: Compassion

 February:  Friendship

 March: Courage

 April: Loyalty

 May: Responsibility 

Community Outreach

School Advisory Commission

Our School Advisory Commission meets regularly to provide Monsignor Brodeski and Mrs. Weis their valuable assistance.

SAC 2013-2014 Members:

Gael Hanauer

Deacon Larry Motyka

Mike Puttin 

Kevin Beirne

David Bruno

Linda Cattero

Nikki Hoolehan (HSA President)

Tammy Studebaker


Our School Advisory Commission may be reached through the school and parish's Voice Mail system or by e-mail.  Please dial 630-879-4750 x363 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..   For more information, the SAC By-Laws are attached here.

Household Spotlight

Knights of God Household Covenant


We, the Knights of God, promise to be kind to each other, be good examples at home and at school, and be the hands and feet of Jesus.  We will do these things by using only kind words and actions, treating others the way we want to be treated, pausing to think before we act, and asking if Jesus would be pleased by what we are doing.

We pledge to participate in Mass, receive the Sacraments regularly, and share our faith with others.

We pledge to do our best to keep this covenant as the household of the Knights of God.


Fourth Grade, 2012-2013

Staff Rosary

  • Tuesdays, 7AM

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

At the school entrance each morning at 7:35AM, we also pray a decade of the Rosary as students arrive for a new day. Come join us as we entrust our community's prayer intentions to the loving, immaculate heart of Our Blessed Mother.

Special Community Prayer Intention: 

Novena Prayer

O gentle, loving God, You chose Saint Joseph to watch over the Divine Child and our Blessed Mother, knowing that his care would be loving and sure, constant and wise.  We seek his care and protection, entrusting our spiritual and temporal needs to his fatherly intercession.

 INTENTION for HCCS needs:  Guide us as we place our parish spacing needs into your hands!

Saint Joseph, strengthen our faith, renew our hope and keep us steadfast in God’s love.  Surround us with His unseen light, and we will walk in your footsteps with trusting hearts that are ready to accept God’s Will and carry it out with courage and trusting confidence.  Amen.

cornerstone"The path we have walked (in building and opening Holy Cross Catholic School)...has been in the footprints of Our Lord Jesus Christ. He is the Supreme Architect whose plan we have followed. All that we have tried to do has been for Him. There is a joy in this new ministry for our parish and the exciting work we have been able to accomplish under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

On behalf of the administration, faculty, parents and students, I wish to express gratitude and praise to God for all the good work that He has begun and prayerful hope for all that we have yet to accomplish...From daily Mass, confessions, adoration, prayer, classes, sports, friendships, challenges and joyful expectation for all that is to come, Holy Cross School is a place of love diffusing far and wide the goodness of Christ. Only in openness to the Holy Spirit can we continue to grow in body, mind and soul and give glory to Christ by becoming all that He calls us to be in His Holy Name.


Yours in Jesus through Mary,


Msgr. Daniel J. Deutsch    August, 2008