Jesus said to His disciples, "Whoever wishes to come after Me must deny himself, take up his cross, and follow me.

 (Matthew 16:24)

Academic Instruction

A well-rounded, challenging, differentiated curriculum will be provided and monitored by the administration, teachers, and staff at Holy Cross School. We will strive to create a curriculum that is based on student need, which will incorporate a large range of materials, as well as a variety of instructional strategies that will focus on continual growth and progress. Our teachers will repeatedly work to see that our curriculum is based on state standards, consistently spirals from year to the next, and is in accord with our Catholic Faith seeking to incorporate spirituality and faith life into every aspect of the regular curriculum. The core curriculum consists of Religion, Reading, English, Spelling, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Our junior high curriculum is departmentalized in grades 6-8 where students will have the opportunity to experience different teachers for specialized subject matter.

Catholic Integration

Catholic Integration 

  • Faith and Life ~ topics will be integrated into content areas 
  • Daily Mass ~ students and staff will begin their day with Jesus
  • Households ~ throughout our community, building a family in Faith and brotherhood, class and staff Households meet weekly for prayer and fellowship
  • Virtues ~ each month the school will focus on a Virtue
  • Saints ~ every classroom will have four patron saints that will be studied in depth 
  • Rosary ~ 
    • 1st & 2nd graders will pray a decade each week and study the Joyful Mysteries 
    • 3rd & 4th graders will pray 2 decades each week and study the Sorrowful  Mysteries 
    • 5th & 6th graders will pray 4 decades each week and study the Glorious Mysteries 
    • 7th & 8th graders will pray 5 decades each week and study the Luminous Mysteries 
  • Adoration ~ students will have prayer in the Chapel once a week 
  • Beatitudes ~ each year students will study a Beatitude beginning with 1st grade 
  • Catholic Traditions in the Garden ~ students will participate in landscaping projects that reflect our Faith 
  • Prayer ~ students and staff will pray throughout the day, such as, before lunch, and at the end of the day 
  • Holy Days of Obligation ~ retreat day for staff and students

School Colors
Blue - Blessed Mother

White - Purity & Baptism 

Red - Eucharist & Martyrdom

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Staff Rosary

Tuesdays, 7 AM

Know that we pray for our families and their special intentions weekly at every Staff Rosary.


Also, at the school entrance each morning at 7:35 AM, we also pray a decade of the Rosary as students arrive for a new day.  Come join us as we entrust our community's prayer intentions to the loving, immaculate heart of Our Blessed Mother.


Special Community Prayer Intention:


Novena Prayer


O gentle, loving God, You chose Saint Joseph to watch over the Divine Child and our Blessed Mother, knowing that his care would be loving and sure, constant and wise.  We seek his care and protection, entrusting our spiritual and temporal needs to his fatherly intercession.


cornerstone"The path we have walked (in building and opening Holy Cross Catholic School)...has been in the footprints of Our Lord Jesus Christ. He is the Supreme Architect whose plan we have followed. All that we have tried to do has been for Him. There is a joy in this new ministry for our parish and the exciting work we have been able to accomplish under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

On behalf of the administration, faculty, parents and students, I wish to express gratitude and praise to God for all the good work that He has begun and prayerful hope for all that we have yet to accomplish...From daily Mass, confessions, adoration, prayer, classes, sports, friendships, challenges and joyful expectation for all that is to come, Holy Cross School is a place of love diffusing far and wide the goodness of Christ. Only in openness to the Holy Spirit can we continue to grow in body, mind and soul and give glory to Christ by becoming all that He calls us to be in His Holy Name.


Yours in Jesus through Mary,


Msgr. Daniel J. Deutsch    August, 2008