Jesus said to His disciples, "Whoever wishes to come after Me must deny himself, take up his cross, and follow me.

 (Matthew 16:24)

Our Holy Cross Preschool welcomes three and four year old children to a well-rounded  program that teaches students at an age-appropriate level in Religion, Literacy, Math, Science and Creativity while nurturing their social and emotional development in a warm, loving environment. 

Children are eligible for the Three Year Old Program if they are three years of age by September 1st.  Students in the Four year Old Program have turned four years of age by September 1st.  The children entering either preschool program must be toilet trained. 

Our four year old classes meet on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  Our three year olds attend school on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Students in the morning session attend from 8:40-11:15AM.  The afternoon sessions meet from 12:20-2:50PM.

Patty Mullins is our Preschool Teacher, assisted by one aide.  We are grateful to have her devotion as well as that of Aides Angel O'Connell, Theresa Witte and Cari Douglas.  Their love of children and expertise in this age level are evidenced in the joy and many activities that fill our preschoolers days.

We teach Religion through…

Prayers we teach and say throughout the year/ Songs we sing/Jesus and lessons about God/ Saint Projects/ Saint Vincent DePaul and other Service Projects/ Special Feast Days/ Angel and Archangel Projects/ Priest visits/ Church visits/ Writing to Jesus/ Blessing of children’s throats/ Easter stories/ Discussions about Noah’s Arc/ May Crowing Ceremony/ Celebrating Jesus’ Ascension/ Making Advent Wreaths/ Bringing in Baptismal items

We teach Literacy through…  

Language Arts activities/ Flannel board/ Sequencing stories/ Puppets/ Verbal stories/ Search and Find/ Auditory Discrimination/ Puzzles/ Story tapes/ Labeling pictures and objects

We teach Math through… 

Sequencing/ Counting/ Simple addition and subtraction/ Blocks/ Graphing/ Shapes/ More or Less/ Games with Dice or Spinners/ Money/ Puzzles

We teach Science through…   

Magnifying Glasses/ Water/Observing bug catchers/ Asking questions/ Magnets/ Soil/ Predicting/ Generalizing/ Binoculars/ Tweezers/ Animals/ Comparing/ Evaluating

We teach Creativity through…

Child-directed activities/ Music/ Prop boxes/ Dress-up/ Finger paints/ Markers/ Tissue paper/ Construction paper/ Goop/ Scissors/ Water/ Fabrics/ Shaving cream/ Sand/ Crayons/ Playdough/ Soap flakes

We teach Social/Emotional Development through…        

Respecting other’s feelings/ Expression/ Verbal skills/ Body language/ Sharing/ Quiet times/ Active times/ Facial gestures/ Following directions and rules

Yearly Activities include:

Thanksgiving Feast for all preschoolers and their families

Birthday party for Jesus for all preschoolers and their families

Valentines Party for three and four year olds

Mother’s Day Tea for three and four year olds

Dad’s Night for three and four year olds

Norton Farm Field Trip for four year olds

End of the year picnic for all preschoolers

Graduation ceremony for four year olds

Through these activities, our young students develop many Kindergarten Readiness Skills including:

Cutting, sequencing, classifying, spatial awareness, shapes, colors, counting, name recognition, listening, responsibility, pasting, thinking process, sorting, self-concept, self-awareness, attention span, alphabet, self-expression and likes/differences.

Please contact our school office staff if you have any questions on our preschool program.  Registration typically begins in late January or early February.  Please also see Enrollment Information here on our website for applications and current tuition and fee schedules.

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Staff Rosary

Tuesdays, 7 AM

Know that we pray for our families and their special intentions weekly at every Staff Rosary.


Also, at the school entrance each morning at 7:35 AM, we also pray a decade of the Rosary as students arrive for a new day.  Come join us as we entrust our community's prayer intentions to the loving, immaculate heart of Our Blessed Mother.


Special Community Prayer Intention:


Novena Prayer


O gentle, loving God, You chose Saint Joseph to watch over the Divine Child and our Blessed Mother, knowing that his care would be loving and sure, constant and wise.  We seek his care and protection, entrusting our spiritual and temporal needs to his fatherly intercession.


cornerstone"The path we have walked (in building and opening Holy Cross Catholic School)...has been in the footprints of Our Lord Jesus Christ. He is the Supreme Architect whose plan we have followed. All that we have tried to do has been for Him. There is a joy in this new ministry for our parish and the exciting work we have been able to accomplish under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

On behalf of the administration, faculty, parents and students, I wish to express gratitude and praise to God for all the good work that He has begun and prayerful hope for all that we have yet to accomplish...From daily Mass, confessions, adoration, prayer, classes, sports, friendships, challenges and joyful expectation for all that is to come, Holy Cross School is a place of love diffusing far and wide the goodness of Christ. Only in openness to the Holy Spirit can we continue to grow in body, mind and soul and give glory to Christ by becoming all that He calls us to be in His Holy Name.


Yours in Jesus through Mary,


Msgr. Daniel J. Deutsch    August, 2008