Prayer Requests & Mass Intentions

Please keep our parishioners in your prayers.

Mass Intentions

Monday, June 27 – Saint Cyril of Alexandria, Bishop and Doctor of the Church
    6:30AM    +    Jane Louise Jordan
    8:00AM   SI    Pat Roatch
Tuesday, June 28 – Saint Irenaeus, Bishop and Martyr
    6:30AM          The Lost Souls
    8:00AM     +   Robert Hartman

Wednesday, June 29 – Saints Peter and Paul, Apostles
    6:30AM    +    Walter R. Brandli
    8:00AM    +    Walter Smith, Elnora and Raymond Silvers

Thursday, June 30 – The First Martyrs of the Holy Roman Church
    6:30AM    +    Joe Tomasiewicz
    8:00AM    +    Bruce Diederich

Friday, July 1 – Saint Junipero Serra, Priest
    6:30AM    +    John Wickert
    8:00AM          Most Abandoned Souls in Purgatory

Saturday, July 2
    8:30AM          The Holy Souls
    4:15PM    +    Bob and Bobby Wahl

Sunday, July 3 – 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time
    6:30AM   SI    Andrew Chavez
    8:00AM    +    Edna Konen
    9:45AM   SI    Parishioners of Holy Cross
  11:30AM    SI   Ann and Harry Luebbering as they celebrate their 51st Wedding Anniversary

Pray for Our Sick

For Those Entering Delnor Hospital in Geneva

Due to HIPAA laws and new changes at Delnor/Cadence Hospital, if you are a patient at Delnor Hospital and wish to have the sacrament of Communion brought to you during your stay, you must inform the hospital upon registering that you are a Catholic and a member of Holy Cross Church in Batavia. In addition, each evening you must let your nurse know that you wish to receive Holy Communion the following day. Please contact the parish office at 630-879-4750 or to remove a name from the sick list.

Help us to keep this list up-to-date! The weeks of July 1st and January 1st we purge the sick list and begin fresh.

The Abner Family
Victoria Alegre
Perfecto Alegre, Jr.
Russell Arnold
Amber Aurit Thomas
Shelley Aurit
Doris Basel
Shannon Batal
Baby Batal
Ernesto Bento
Anatalio Berganos
Norberta Berganos
Jim Boland
Benjamin Buckley
Megan Callahan
Janeen Christensen
Jack Christoffel
Art Ciolkowski
Mary Comstock
Ralph and Phyllis
Annabelle Domingo
Donna Duffy
Jim Duffy
Amy Garbarz
Linda Girardi
Rich Griffin
Mary Harris
Liana Hendricks
John Hoban
D.J. Jacobs
Dona Joerger
Ruthy Jolliffe
Thom Jones
Cheryl and Kenneth
Amber Katko
Betty Kennedy
Camilla Kennedy
Julie Kennedy
Kevin Kennedy
Mary Kennedy
Natalie Khier-Byck
Paula Koppi
Felix LaBiano
Lorraine Lavery
Darlene Lohenis
Gwen Lyons
Joan Machtemes
Kathlyn Tefft Mack
Terri May
Nancy McCall
Thomas Montalbano
Patrick Murtaugh
Jerry Nelson
Maureen O’Brien
Mart O’Connor
Mary Lou Orlande
Ernie Orlando
Gerry Orlando
Andy Pangouleas
Madeleine Paschoud
Krista Peterson
Frank Petit
Sam Petit
Virginia Poidomani
Allie Pyle
Deacon Ken Ramsey
J. Raymond Ramus
Bruce Repp
Jovani Reyes
Michael Reyna
Judy Riordan
Elizabeth Russell
Jenny Russell
Simone Romanos
Lawrence Schaff
Paul Schultz
Bill Shanley
Nancy Sikurski
Geri Smith
John Smith
Colleen Staniszewski
Caryl Steimel
Pamela Sundvall
Kristina Thomas
Bette Thompson
Kevin Topping
Dan Trout
Susan Weiss
Michael Wilson
Carrie Wyatt
Amanda Zimmerman

Pray for Our Military

Pray for the Safety of Our Men and Women Serving in the Military 

To add a name to this list contact Pat Purcell at 630-373-3474.

Dear God, remember our brave men and women now serving in our Armed Forces, both at home and abroad. Send out Your angels to protect them all. Help them discharge their duties honorably and well. Please bring them safely home to their families and loved ones and bring Your peace and mercy to our troubled world. We ask this, Father, in the name of Jesus, Your Son, our Savior and Lord. Amen.

1st Lt Anthony Allen
Sgt Chris Barthelme
SrA Matthew Beifuss
A1C Francis Beifuss
Capt David Bergeron
Sgt 1st Class Melissa Brooker
Capt Mark S. Browning
Spc Brandon Cahill
LCpl Conor Croci
LCpl Casey Danbury
Capt Qunin Eddy
SN Dakota Enders
SA Maley Enders
Capt Craig Falk
MSgt Rett Gauthier
SN Ryan Gough
Cpl Frankie Herran
LCpl Nick Horner
SA Sam Isleib
Maj Edgar A. Jimenez
2nd Lt Matthew Johnson
2nd Lt Quint Johnson
LCpl Steven Kaeler
Cpl James A. Konen
Cpl James LaPorta
Capt Ted Lauzen
Ens Hans Lauzen
Sgt Joshua Ledbetter
PFC Hunter Levine
Spc William Lockwood V
Sgm George Luedtke
LCpl Anthony Majcen
Airman Nick Maxwell
Midn2C Jack Meier
2nd LT Joseph Meier
SPC Dewain Meszaros
2nd LT Anna Motyka
LT Nicholas Motyka
Chief PO George L. Muniz
Lt Col Vinod Naga
Sgt Brock Peio
PO2 Jeremy Peters
PFC Stephan Precour
SSgt Brendan P. Purcell
LCpl Michael A. Redmond
Sgt Herman “Richie” Reinhold
1st Lt Ashley Ritchey
Capt Heather Ritchey
Spc Daniel Sarley
Capt Carmen Meier Sheehy
LT Tim Sheehy
C Seth Sherwood
SSgt Michael Staal
Maj James Studlo
WO1 David Thompson
Sgt 1st Class Michael Thompson
SSgt Alexander Tobusch
Cpl Andrew Triphahn
LCpl Nick Villanueva
LCpl Michael Villanueva
PO2 Chris Walgenbach
Spc David Walgenbach
Cpl PO 3rd Christopher Weis
Cpl PO 3rd Patrick Weis
2nd Lt Jackie Yurgil
1st Lt Joseph Yurgi